Tim Pritchard

Tim Pritchard

Chief Operating Officer

Investment Banking. Sales. Team Management. Corporate Governance. Finance & Operations. Entrepreneur.

With more than fifteen years’ experience first as an expert building global teams in Banking and Finance in Australia and offshore.

Tim’s Investment Banking experience spanned foreign exchange, and corporate finance. While initially this related to corporate hedging, and policy/economic advice, the majority of his career was relationship based, and executing derivative and portfolio transactions for Hedge and Real Money Funds globally.

Subsequently 15 plus years as an entrepreneur across consumer and property segments.

Tim‘s role within Care360 includes corporate governance, strategy and management.

As CFO for the startup bulk fuel supplier Mega Ltd, Tim was involved in the strategy, financial operations, and funding to help establish an innovative fuel solutions company to drive Australian industry.

For over 10 years, Tim has opened and run independent retail businesses. This included greenfield large-scale sites, as competitors to the major brands.


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