3 Simple Steps to Discover Aged Care Homes Nearby

Published: September 15, 2023
3 Simple Steps to Discover Aged Care Homes Nearby

The intricacies of the Australian aged care system can prove to be a daunting maze. Follow these three straightforward steps, and you’ll be well on your way to uncovering an aged care residence that fits you or your cherished family member.

Three Effortless Steps to Discover Aged Care Homes Nearby

Whenever you are searching for a aged care nearby, you can just follow this three simple steps to find the perfect one

Step 1: Fulfil an Aged Care Appraisal

My Aged Care, a government entity, serves as the entry point for elderly Australians seeking access to subsidised aged care amenities, including residential aged care establishments.

Within My Aged Care, the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) orchestrates ACAT evaluations, ascertaining the extent of government-supported assistance an individual is eligible for.

Who’s eligible to apply?

Applications for government-funded elder care services are accepted from Australian citizens and residents who are 65 years of age or older—or 50 years of age or older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Get more details about the signs of your loved one is ready for aged care or not.

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My Aged Care’s website features an eligibility checker, allowing you to promptly determine if you meet the prerequisites for an ACAT assessment before application.

How can I organise an ACAT assessment?

Here’s where you may schedule an evaluation online: Request an assessment for senior care by visiting or call 1800 200 422. Alternatively, a doctor or other healthcare expert can recommend My Aged Care for an evaluation.

You can also compare different aged care homes and their facilities from Care360.

Step 2: Pinpoint Aged Care Residence Openings Tailored to Your Requirements

Vacancy rates in residential aged care are historically low, particularly in significant urban areas such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Care360, a FREE and unbiased service, can assist you in locating current vacancies in residential aged care that align with your distinct prerequisites.

Utilising tailor-made software in conjunction with the expertise of our Placements Specialists, we take into account your location, financial plan, specific care necessities, and personal preferences to construct a bespoke Aged Care Options Report. This report streamlines your search to exclusively encompass ongoing vacancies and available providers that match your needs.

Following a single conversation with your designated Placement Specialist, your Options Report will be dispatched to you via email within 20-30 minutes, enabling you to assess nursing home vacancies that correspond to your exact requirements.

Kickstart the process with Care360

Step 3: Evaluate Aged Care Residences in Your Vicinity

Comparing aged care home choices becomes a breeze when you possess all the necessary details in one place.

Your customised Aged Care Options Report encompasses an overview of roughly seven residential aged care vacancies that dovetail with your location, preferences, care needs, and financial plan.

3 Simple Steps to Discover Aged Care Homes NearbyLeveraging this report, you can assess each establishment’s room prices, features, shared and private facilities, lifestyle and leisure opportunities, nearby amenities, healthcare support, and nursing services.

Your devoted Care360 Placement Specialist can coordinate site tours for you, guide your selection and confirmation of your aged care residence, assist you in navigating funding agreements, and aid you through the admission process once your new abode is secured.

Our service incurs zero charges for families. Providers reimburse us with a predetermined fee upon placement, ensuring our independence and impartiality.

As Australia’s foremost aged care placement service, we’re fervently dedicated to shepherding families through the aged care journey.

What do aged care residences offer?

Numerous individuals experience apprehension about transitioning to aged care; however, there’s no need for concern.

Most contemporary residential aged facilities offer an avenue to reside in comfort and security, enveloped by companionship and cheerful countenances. Residents in these establishments relish access to top-notch healthcare alongside comprehensive support for their mental and physical welfare.

Care360 can pair you with suitable aged care alternatives in your vicinity.

The projected count of Australians over sixty-five is set to reach 8.8 million by 2057. This indicates that the assortment of choices for residential aged care will progressively diversify and grow more intricate.

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