Australia’s Cutest Grandma

Australia's Cutest Grandma

NOMINATE AUSTRALIA’S CUTEST GRANDMA TO BECOME THE FACE OF DOTI! Care360 is on the hunt for Australia’s cutest grandma to become the Face of DOTI, our new virtual assistant who is here to simplify and streamline the aged care process. Nominate the cutest grandma you know and if she is chosen as the Face of […]

Six Steps to Aged Care

Making the move into aged care can be a confusing and stressful time for both the resident and their families, with many people struggling to understand the process and where to even start. Our infographic guide breaks down the process into easy, manageable steps for you to follow. Start your journey now by comparing homes […]


What do they mean, and what’s the difference? RAD – Refundable Accommodation Deposit DAP – Daily Accommodation Payment RAC – Refundable Accommodation Contribution DAC – Daily Accommodation Contribution Essentially, they are all pretty much the same thing; the cost incurred for your accommodation in an aged care facility. To break it down simply, your room […]

Aged Care Support: Why our seniors need, and deserve, more.

Aged Care Support Australia

The recent government pledges in the 2021 budget seem promising on the surface but delve a little deeper and it seems that all that glitters is not gold. Whilst it is most certainly a step in the right direction for a much-needed overhaul to the aged care system, there is so much more that needs […]

WEBINAR: Response to Aged Care Royal Commission

Did you miss our live webinar? Play it back now and find out what Ian Henschke, Chief Advocate National Seniors Australia and Craig Swanger Executive Director of Care360 had to say in response to the recent announcements as part of the 2021 Federal Budget. – How the government has responded to the Commissioner’s recommendations so far […]

2021 Federal Budget – What does it mean for the aged care sector?

Care360 Federal Budget

2021 Federal BudgetWhat does it mean for the aged care sector? Many budget wrap-ups begin with a focus on what was wrong: too much spending, not enough spending … too much to the rich, too little to the poor … too much for ‘them’ and not enough for ‘us’. And whilst many of these criticisms […]

Free masterclass! Recording online now. What you can truly expect from aged care

Free Aged Care Masterclass Recording Now Live

What you can truly expect from aged care​ 10 surprising facts from the experts at Care360 Wednesday March 10th at 12pm (AESDT) About this FREE Masterclass In this interactive masterclass you will find out the answers to some of these important questions about aged care. Do they take your entire pension/savings? Do you have to […]

National Seniors – “Now I know, someones got my back”

Care360 National Seniors

Care360 support National Seniors as the independent voice for older Australians – especially at this time when support is critically needed to assist with reshaping Aged Care. Check out their latest campaign creating real change for a better future.

Helping your loved one downsize to move to aged care

Care360 - Helping your loved one downsize to move to aged care

For most seniors, moving from the family home to an aged care facility is emotional and involves significant downsizing. Reducing your possessions is challenging enough for anyone, but it can be that much tougher when it comes from necessity rather than choice. For those making a move from their home to aged care, the downsizing […]

How to support loved ones with cognitive decline

Care360 - How to support loved ones with cognitive decline

Cognitive impairment also called cognitive decline, is often a normal part of the ageing process. Memory loss, difficulties in learning new things, concentrating or making decisions are typical signs of cognitive decline, ranging from mild to severe. Often those experiencing cognitive decline are unaware of the issue. Alternatively, they may be aware it is happening […]

Eight ways to make your loved one feel special in aged care

Care360 - Eight ways to make your loved one feel special in aged care

Anyone who has been through the experience of placing a loved one into aged care wonders how easily they will settle into their new environment.  In many cases, residents thrive – especially if daily life in independent living was getting too much. In other cases, residents can find the change difficult and become more withdrawn. […]