The Transparency Promise

To help every family find the right aged care option for their loved one

Transparency Promise

Our commitment to you

Helping navigate the transition to aged care can be fixed with mixed emotions. And when we are emotional, often we are at our most vulnerable.

That’s why we believe that everyone should have access to factual, independent data about aged care, especially during times of vulnerability. We abide by our Transparency Promise that helps you understand how we are funded and our commitments to you.

Delivered under our Transparency Promise

We do not receive any funding from aged care homes. All our data is independently collected and reviewed.

Our Quality of Care Report is currently available to you at no cost.
Care360 is funded by the fees paid for our consulting services and referral fees from our finance and real estate partners. While all of our partners have been thoroughly reviewed, you are under no obligation to use them at any stage. If we are receiving any referral fees, this will be made known to you at the time as part of our Transparency Promise.

We comply with all government legislation and compliance requirements where they apply to Care360. We do so willingly as the integrity of our service offering to you is paramount.


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