Aged care finance made easy.

Aged care finance made easy.

For many families, funding aged care for their loved ones can be one of the most stressful decisions in their lives. Sometimes the decision to transition to aged care is needed quickly, and the costs can come as quite a shock.

That’s where Care360 comes in – we help make the process easier with our Aged Care Navigation Service. A streamlined dashboard for finding, funding and following your loved one into care.


Helping you choose the best finance options for aged care

Typically, families considering aged care for their loved one will be faced with many decisions in relation to funding the costs. Will they need to sell property? Will they need bridging finance in the meantime? Should they get financial advice before making these big decisions? Do they have the legal authority to make these decisions on behalf of their loved one? That’s where Care360 can help.  

Care360 Aged Care Navigation Service is here to help

If you haven’t been through the process of helping a loved one transition into aged care, you may feel like there is so much to learn. Our Aged Care Consultants will walk you through the requirements and offer solutions at each stage.

From finding the right aged care home, getting an assessment, funding aged care, selling the family home to helping ensure your loved one’s legal and financial affairs are in order.

Determining Eligibility

The process for aged care usually begins with a government mandated assessment known as ACAT. We can help point you in the right direction to organise this assessment.

Finding the best aged care

Care360’s Quality of Care Report helps you evaluate over 2500 aged care homes tailored to your preferences for location, budget, services, and room type – takes 10 minutes online. 

Aged care funding options

Our Aged Care Consultants have access to a panel of providers who can deliver loans to cover the costs of aged care until a longer-term solution can be determined.

Real Estate Advice

If the long-term funding option is to sell a family property, our Aged Care Consultants can help you to find the best real estate agents and property stylists to ensure maximum value is achieved at sale.

Legal Advice

To make decisions on behalf of your loved one may require legal advice to organise Powers of Attorney and Guardianship. Our Aged Care Consultants can connect you with reputable legal support.

Financial Advice

A certified, specialist Aged Care Financial Advisor understands the importance and impact of decisions at this time – and how they relate to costs and finances.  They can lay out all your options on the table and explain the pros and cons.

A team of specialists to support you and make the process easier

Care360 has a team of specialist partners to help you find, fund and follow your loved one to make the transition to aged care easier. To become a partner with Care360 requires a comprehensive assessment of their expertise, service levels and fees to ensure they align with the Care360 values.

In addition, we receive ongoing feedback throughout the process, which means our partners have added incentive to take care of you.

Expert, independent Aged Care Consultants with you at every step.

A Care360 Aged Care Consultant is with you every step of the way, to help you get the best outcomes for you and your loved one. Simply request more information about how you can book your initial consultation below.

If you would like the support of a Care360 Aged Care Consultant to walk you through all the steps required to transition to aged care, then we are here to help. Simply request more information below, and we will share how to book your initial consultation at a time convenient to you.

“Finding aged care has been confusing and emotional, but Care360 made the process easy, and stress free. And better still, it was FREE”

Craig Swanger CEO

Transparency Promise

From time-to-time, we receive referral fees from these specialists, which we will disclose as part of our Transparency Promise.

Our primary focus is making the transition to aged care easier, so do not want you to feel obligated or under pressure to work with our recommended providers.

We appreciate that families often have their own legal support, financial advisors and real estate agencies. However, we do have vetted and checked, reputable specialists in aged care should you require a recommendation.

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