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When making the transition to aged care you are not alone.

For many, the transition to aged care can be filled with mixed emotions. Between making decisions, the involvement of family, having difficult conversations and dealing with the feelings associated with the move, it can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why Care360 is proud to partner with Human Psychology to help provide you with emotional support when transitioning to aged care.

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Emotional support when it's needed most.

Care360 is here to support you at all stages of the process through our partnership with Human Psychology. As an experienced, passionate team of psychologists, they can help navigate the range of emotions associated with the move to aged care for individuals and families.

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Services you can trust

Care360 partners undergo a rigorous screening process in order to be part of our provider list. The Human Psychology team has been selected for their qualifications, experience and passion for supporting health and well-being throughout changes in life stage and transition.


They recognise that this is a time of significant change, which can also be accompanied by other factors such as chronic health conditions, the loss of a loved one and strained family dynamics. They aim to support your emotional well-being and help make the process of settling into aged care positive. 

Experienced psychologists and counsellors

The Human Psychology team is comprised of experienced, qualified psychologists who understand the needs of individuals and families at this time. They are non-judgmental, warm and trusting and will meet your needs with respect, care and confidentiality.


As they use the latest evidence-based, practical approaches, they achieve very high success rates of positive outcomes for those who use their services.


We offer psychology services at all stages of the aged care process

Determining Eligibility
Finding the best aged care
Determining Eligibility

Prior to making a decision to move to aged care

When considering aged care there can be may decisions to make that can cause stress and heightened emotions. Human Psychology provides services to help navigate questions such as; how to discuss aged care with a loved one? How do I know if I am doing the right thing? What do I need help with? Is it the right time?

Finding the best aged care

Assistance for individuals transitioning to aged care

Leaving behind the family home, memories, thoughts of losing independence and even a potential sense of hopelessness are all factors that can impact emotional wellbeing at this time. The team at Human Psychology can help make sense of this emotional process and to support through the change.


Assistance for families

Often it can be hard for families who try and help at this stage. It can be a time for difficult conversations, may be a struggle to understand the emotions of their loved one, a time of feeling unappreciated and common to be on the receiving end of outbursts. The team at Human Psychology can help you navigate these dynamics throughout the process.


Find the Right Aged Care Home

Use Care360’s comprehensive inventory of homes and independent rating data to discover the right home for your loved care.

Affordable payment options

The services of Human Psychology can be very affordable. Medicare has options to assist in financial support for psychology services from Human Psychology, and those who have private health insurance may also be eligible for rebates. We will discuss all the cost options with you at the time of enquiry.

Aged Care Near You

You are not alone – the Human Psychology team is here to help.

If you would like the support of a Human Psychology team member to help you navigate the transition to aged care, simply request more information below or call 1300 277 924. We offer face-to-face appointments and telehealth appointments at times to suit you.