Retirement Village vs Residential Aged Care in Australia

Published: October 3, 2023
Retirement Village vs Residential Aged Care

When contemplating the transition to supported living as we age, two primary options stand out: Retirement Village vs Residential Aged Care facilities. Here’s a rundown to assist in determining the best fit for you or your loved one.

aged-care-homeRetirement Village vs Residential Aged Care in Australia

As ageing progresses, the move to supported accommodation becomes a consideration. The main options for more supported living, beyond home care, are retirement villages and residential aged care facilities.

Retirement Villages: Independent Living

Often labelled as “independent living” communities, retirement villages offer limited on-site support. Suited for those still mobile and not requiring extensive medical attention or personal care assistance, these communities provide self-contained apartments or townhouses.

Residential Aged Care: Enhanced Support

For individuals needing greater support with daily tasks, residential aged care might be more suitable. Let’s delve into the key distinctions between the two.

Retirement Villages: Feature homes in a community setting with common areas. Residents typically reside in self-contained units.

Residential Aged Care: Offer private or shared rooms, with common areas and facilities for socialising.

Services and Facilities

Retirement Villages: Amenities vary, potentially including parking, pools, gardens, libraries, and more. Residents maintain their homes and can access support services.

Residential Aged Care: Provide comprehensive services like meals, entertainment, and maintenance. Cleaning and personal care are included.

Medical Care

Retirement Villages: Residents mainly care for themselves, with varying medical care accessibility.

Residential Aged Care: Equipped with trained nursing staff, 24/7 health care is provided, including medication administration and regular health checks.

aged-care-home-near-me-2Entertainment and Activities

Retirement Villages: Organise social activities, outings, and events.

Residential Aged Care: Offer comprehensive lifestyle programs to promote mental well-being and social interaction.


Retirement Villages: Resident-friendly access, similar to secure residential complexes.

Residential Aged Care: More structured access with fixed visiting hours.


Retirement Villages: Pet ownership depends on management discretion.

Residential Aged Care: Some may allow pets on a case-by-case basis.

Applicable Fees

Retirement Villages: Various fee structures, including initial purchase costs and ongoing strata fees.

Residential Aged Care: Basic daily fees, potential room costs, and subsidies based on individual circumstances.

Retirement Villages Ideal for mobile individuals seeking autonomy with added support.

And Residential Aged Care Suited for those requiring comprehensive health care and assistance.

Modern aged care facilities offer safety, companionship, and round-the-clock support, making them a comfortable choice. If you’re considering the transition, the Care360 team can provide further guidance. Call 1300 320 463 or use our online form.

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