What To Expect In Your First Week in Aged Care

Published: August 29, 2023
What To Expect In Your First Week in Aged Care

Entering aged care can bring a mix of emotions and uncertainties. Whether it’s a planned transition or a sudden necessity due to health concerns, Care360 has crafted this guide to help you navigate your initial seven days in your new aged care home, ensuring a smoother transition.

Embarking on Your Aged Care Journey: Your First Week in Aged Care

Arriving at your new aged care home might feel overwhelming, but with careful planning and support, the transition can be managed seamlessly. Our goal at Care360 is to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to make your first week a positive experience, focusing on your physical, social, cultural, and spiritual well-being.What To Expect In Your First Week in Aged Care

Day 1: Settling In

Welcome Reception: Upon arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted by our reception team. They’ll introduce you to a staff member who will guide you to your suite and explain the functionalities of various items such as nurse call buttons, security features, air conditioning, and entertainment systems.

Orientation: Take a tour of communal areas, get acquainted with the dining facilities, and learn about meal schedules and preparation procedures.

Day 2: Crafting Your Care Plan

Personalised Care Plan: Our experienced staff will collaborate with you and your loved ones to create a personalised care plan. This plan will encompass your overall health, well-being, and preferences, ensuring you receive tailored care, engaging activities, and nourishing meals.

Interim Care Plan: During your first month, we’ll assess your daily routine, preferences, and healthcare needs through the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI). This assessment guides us in understanding your requirements, behavior support, social activities, and healthcare needs.

Day 3: Making It Your Home

Personalisation: While your suite is furnished and decorated, we encourage you to bring personal items that resonate with you, like furniture, photos, and mementos. Make your space truly feel like home.

Valuables: For your peace of mind, we advise against keeping substantial amounts of money or valuable items in your room. Consider insurance or using personal safes for added security.

Day 4: Care and Comfort

Qualified Staff: Our qualified staff are available around the clock to provide high-quality nursing and personal care tailored to your needs.

Clothing and Laundry: Bring comfortable, easily washable clothing suitable for commercial washing machines. Ensure your clothing is labeled, and consider appropriate footwear to minimise fall risks.

Day 5: Medications and Health Care

Medications: Our registered nurses oversee medication administration. They’ll work with your GP, review your medication regimen, and ensure accurate dosing and administration.

Health Services: Access to healthcare services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian, and speech pathology is available for those who require them.Your First Week in Aged Care

Day 6: Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition: Enjoy freshly prepared home-style meals in the communal dining area or the privacy of your suite. Participate in menu discussions to have a say in your culinary preferences.

Cultural and Religious Observance: We respect your cultural and religious affiliations. We’ll work to meet your needs and arrange visits from religious representatives.

Day 7: Settling In Further

Freedom of Choice: Balancing freedom of choice with safety, we ensure your preferences are considered in daily activities and decisions.

Photography and Communication: We’ll request your consent for photography, enhancing identification purposes and possibly featuring in the home’s newsletter.

External Assistance: If you have concerns or complaints, external assistance is available through the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner.

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