15 considerations when finding an aged care home

Published: February 14, 2021
15 considerations when finding an aged care home

If there has been talk of mum, dad or a loved one transitioning to aged care, you know how emotional a time this is for you and your family. There are several factors to consider, even ones you may not have thought of before.

Care360 has prepared a comprehensive checklist, so you can rest assured knowing all the steps are covered. Allow this list to take the pressure off finding the right aged care home – Care360 is the only wholly independent service that provides reliable and trustworthy information to help you find the right aged care home.

Here are 15 considerations when finding an aged care home.

1. Eligibility

Ensuring you are aware of the Australian Government requirements for eligibility into aged care. 

2. Quality of care

Choosing an aged care provider that promotes positive mental and physical wellbeing is paramount.

3. Location

Choosing the right location for you and your loved one that allows for easy visitation by friends and family.

4. Price

Having a clear understanding of costs and structures so you can determine the right aged care home for your budget.  

5. Services and facilities

Ensuring you find an aged care home that has the best services and facilities for your loved ones needs. 

6. Room type

There are various room types to choose from including shared rooms, single rooms and private suites. 

7. Privacy

Aged care homes have strict requirements around privacy however some rooms offer more privacy than others. 

8. Specific care needs

Some aged care homes offer specialist services for conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. 

9. Room availability 

Sometimes the transition to care can happen quite quickly especially after a health issue. Room availability can become a critical factor in your decision making. 

10. Religious factors

Some aged care homes cater to specific religious requirements and may become a primary consideration for you or your 

loved one. 

11. Financing

It is highly recommended that families seek financial advice about finding aged care given the various options that are available. 

12. Selling the family home

Often those entering care, leave behind a property thatis no longer required and will need to be put on the real estate market.

13. Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney may be required to give legal authority to manage financial and legal matters that may arise. 

14. Guardianship

It may be time to consider formal Guardianship so that decisions about health, welfare and lifestyle can be made on behalf of your loved one in care.

15. Wills and estates

It is often a time for those entering care to make sure they have a legal will that shares their wishes in relation to distribution of property and assets.  


Transitioning a relative into aged care is often an emotional and overwhelming time for the whole family. The standards of aged care homes vary significantly making it difficult to know which one will be the right fit. Sometimes, there is very little time to consider your options and feel informed to make decisions confidently.

Care360 helps make the process that little bit easier by arming you with independent information to shortlist aged care homes quickly and easily online – delivered to your inbox in less than 10 minutes. 

We have independently reviewed over 2,500 homes and 207,000 rooms across Australia, considering essential factors like cost, payment options, service, meals, accommodation, treatment, care and lifestyle options.

Based on the information you provide; we can then compare the needs and wishes of your loved ones with our reviews to determine up to 10 of the best matched aged care homes. These matches are packaged into a 25-page Quality of Care report. Find out more about finding the right aged care home for your loved one here.