20 predictors of wellbeing in aged care

Published: February 14, 2021
20 predictors of wellbeing in aged care

Aged Care homes that make wellbeing factors a priority are likely to have happier and healthier residents – both mentally and physically. 

Here, Care360 runs through the top 20 predictors of wellbeing in aged care so that you can consider the right aged care fit for mum, dad or a loved one.

20 predictors of wellbeing in aged care

1. Sleep

An environment that allows for quality and quantity of sleep.

2. Movement

Undertaking regular physical movement.

3. Mobility

Access to activities that promote mobility.

4. Diet and nutrition

Receiving a nutritionally balanced diet.

5. Pain management

Absence or effective management of pain.

6. Security

Safe and secure environment.

7. Independence

Having choice and autonomy.

8. Status

Feeling important and valued.

9. Certainty

Routines that provide comfort and certainty.

10. Fairness

Experiencing control and equality.

11. Positive emotions

Opportunities to experience a range of positive emotions.

12. Engagement

Ability to engage in activities – such as art and music therapy.

13. Meaning

Promotion of spirituality, feeling

life has meaning.

14. Visitors

Regular visitors, including pets and animals.

15. Relationships

Keeping in touch with family and friends.

16. Friendships

Experiencing a sense of belonging.

17. Cognitive performance

Access to activities that promote cognitive performance.

18. Reflection

Reliving positive past experiences, life story journaling.

19. Accomplishment

Opportunities to achieve outcomes.

20. Health care

Ensuring health care needs are met.

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